WineLine Strategic Marketing


Bruce Nevins has founded and operated three highly successful retail wine & spirits businesses (Grande Harvest Wines, Hay Day Wine Shop & WineWise) and widely acclaimed restaurant, Osetra Oyster and Wine Bar.

Previously he was primarily engaged in the branding, marketing, distribution and importing aspects of wine and spirits, as well as other consumer food products. In these capacities, he successfully introduced and developed new products by creating and implementing widely encompassing marketing and sales strategies.

Bruce has been involved in all phases of wine & spirits distribution and sales throughout the country, and has actively participated in trade and consumer orientated promotional wine events. He has spent a great deal of time over the years in vineyards and wineries throughout California, France, Italy and Argentina. In this capacity he has observed the winemaking techniques of many of the leading global vintners and winemakers, and directly participated in the strategic marketing decisions for the wines of these companies.

In this joint role as both a national marketer and retail merchandiser of wines & spirits in the US market, he possesses a unique perspective and overview of each tier of the industry.

Thus, WineLine brings first hand experience to the market, and possesses the proven track record expertise to tackle specific problems within the trade and create successful solutions. As the marketplace experiences evolving change, with the advent of new categories of competition, greater challenges than ever before exist. And WineLine can help both on-premise and off-premise accounts meet these challenges and realize greater margins and profits.